Enjoy hooligan Soccer all through Euro 2016 with MauGames Euro Hooligame 2016

As one of the biggest tournaments in the sport of soccer, Euro 2016 attracts fans from all over the continent and needless to say, the passion for the sport is definitely noticeable. Although not as popular a sport in the U.S. as in most of the other parts of the world, the trend is certainly gaining momentum.

Hooliganism is to soccer as brain freezes are to ice cream, although unfortunate, it is a reality of the sport. This year though, the headlines have been flooded with the fierce and violent battles between Russian and English Hooligans on the street of Paris, almost eliminating any news of actual game coverage.

Enjoy Soccer all through Euro 2016 with MauGames Euro Hooligame 2016

As most people are rightfully criticizing these horrible acts, one company has given its own take on the events. MauGames, a mobile gaming company has recently developed its own mini-game on its Fun Football Euro 2016 called Euro Hooligame 2016. As Art imitating life, the mobile game places users on a field divided by Russian and English supporters and have them run at each other. Users must swipe the two enemies away from eachother while making sure they don’t run into the opposing team’s stands or else a fight breaks out and the game ends.

Enjoy Soccer all through Euro 2016 with MauGames Euro Hooligame 2016

The makers of the game knew that one of the reasons fans love sports is because anything can happen. With this in mind, Euro is the perfect stage for unveiling the company’s newest mini-game and to show off their ability to ‘live-develop’ any on field (or now, even off field) occurrence. This means the MauGames developers can create a new mini-game within just a few hours and add it to the app after something notable happens. So, whether a player bites another player, or a streaker runs across the field, app users could find themselves playing an event that was just on the news.

People deal with serious topics in different ways, some prefer not to talk about it, some cry, and others may laugh. The app is a light hearted take on the harsh events unfolding during the month long tournament as a way for fans to make fun of those who wish to harm others. Simple, yet highly entertaining, Hooligame is certainly worth checking out.

Fun Football Euro 2016 can be downloaded on The App Store and on Google Play.

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