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Listen to any tech expert talk about the latest innovations in the industry at the moment and they’ll invariably be talking about reality in one of two ways: virtual or augmented. While the gaming industry, in particular, is generating a lot of buzz about virtual reality (VR) with technology from the likes of Oculus Rift, those in the business world are starting to consider the possibilities of augmented reality (AR).

Touted by some as a more practical, and therefore potentially more popular, than virtual reality, AR could soon make it easier to manage a business on the move. While Smartphones offer a window into the virtual world when you’re away from your desktop, they are still a little cumbersome in certain situations.

Overlapping Realities

AR Could Make Businesses More Efficient

AR devices overcome this problem by overlaying digital information onto real-world objects. Products such as smart glasses (think Google Glass) have just started to pique the general public’s attention and as the technology develops it’s likely to become a major part of our daily lives. In fact, according to research firm Forrester, there will be 52 million virtual reality devices in the US by 2020.

For companies of all sizes, this could mean big changes in the way business is conducted. With AR allowing people to do more things on the move, the problem of running a busy could be made markedly easier. For example, virtual help desk services could easily be integrated into AR format.

Taking inspiration from the current list of services available from a company like, a new virtual helpdesk could include virtual ticketing, asset change managements, and remote access. Because SysAid’s services are primarily offered and accessed via a cloud service, it would mean they could easily be hooked up to an AR device that’s hugely efficient.

For instance, if a user registers a fault, the technician could move it into a virtual space according to its priority i.e. the interface could be overlaid on a wall, and the issues could be stacked in a ladder formation.

AR Could Make Businesses More Efficient

AR Could Make Businesses More Efficient


Taking this idea a step further and applying it to a warehouse setting, a stock-based business could be made more efficient by workers working AR glasses. Instead of having to locate an item on a shelf full of objects, AR glasses could highlight the item that needs to be picked by checking the requirements online and then scanning the shelf.

While this all might sound a little futuristic, the reality is that AR could make these things possible. Instead of limiting ourselves to a computer screen or a mobile device, AR and VR will give us the ability to connect the real world with the online world in a seamless way. Using devices such as Google Glass at Work will allow us data to scan our surroundings and use data from the Internet to make more accurate decisions.

The lines between reality and virtual reality are certainly starting to blur, and that’s bound to help the business world. Whether you’re trying to solve IT issues or make your warehouse a more efficient enterprise, the possibilities for AR appear to be endless at this pint, and that’s something we should all look forward to.

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